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In our digital age, we are blessed with the ability to be connected with the entirety of human knowledge, through the invention of the Internet, at all times. We shouldn’t forget however that at one time, the library was the source of all of our intellectual and academic advancement. The Internet has left our society without a strong connection with these proud and strong institutions that for centuries enabled us to learn and develop scientific advancement.

On a recent trip to Prague, the city of a hundred spires, I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph the famous Strahov Monastery library and the Klementinum (the former University of Prague and Technical library). Dating from the mid 16th century, these libraries served as a gathering place of great minds and contributed to creating a thriving culture of science and philosophy in Prague that continues to this day. The beauty of these great halls and the wealth of knowledge contained therein served as a beacon in its time for people whose dreams required access to information.

Great cities are defined by their culture – institutions such as Strahov contributed deeply to establishing and attracting people who built the Bohemian culture that Prague is famous for.

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