Hospital Workshop, “Hang Art, Lift Hearts” Program continued..

BMO Managing Directors Conference at Michael Garron Hospital 2017
Program Director and Program Instructor, Joanna Katchutas INC.

The BMO Managing Directors Conference at Michael Garron Hospital was an opportunity that arose from my work at the Beaches Jazz Festival. I utilized community networks established through prior arts programming identifying community needs and found funding opportunity with BMO to create a ceiling tile arts workshop for national volunteer week at Michael Garron Hospital. I managed the program budget of $14,000 from March – May 2017 and monitored and evaluated the impact of program development plans including strategy, purchases, plans and budget. In mid April Nicole D’Amario and I developed and implemented customized curriculum for program instructors, volunteers and participants and assisted in the implementation of workshop. We created, lead, and facilitated the painting workshop for BMO Managing Directors on May 6th 2017 to create 140 ceiling tiles. Nicole and I worked with our assistant Marie Lane to polish up and seal the painted ceiling tiles to be ready for installation in the Michael Garron Hospitals Chemo Clinic and Dialysis Centre by end of May 2017.

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